Sochi Fashion

many played on knitwear and sportswear, some wore fur . My top list

  1. Andorra, print knitwear
  2. Slovenia, love the subtile colour blocks of green and blue
  3. Ireland, the green striped pattern is a funny subtile play
  4. The Netherlands, looks professional and sporty
  5. Germany, for their colourful costume and the colourblock
  6. Togo, for their fun print and colourscheme
  7. Russian federation, for the fur trim it reminds me of Christmas an Santa
  8. Great Britain, for their hats
  9. France, for their classic sporty look
  10. Italy, classic and professional look a bit boring even for Armani
  11. USA, for the knitwear, even though it’s too eyecatching for me
  12. Czech Republic, like the small print
  13. Bermuda, for their obvious and daring shorts and flip-flops
  14. Virgin Island, for their summery shorts look

김치를 말한다

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