Colour tips for Winter Season

Cool Winter



There are three types of different definitions of Winters. Being Cool Winter, Clear Winter and Deep Winter. Did you know that Meryl Streep is considered a Cool Winter?

How do you know if you’re a Cool Winter then?

What colour are your eyes? If they’re charcoal gray, blue, violet, soft dark brown, icy hazel chances are that you’re a Cool Winter.

What colour is your (natural) hair?  Is it Blue-black, ashy dark to medium brown hair, silver, ashy white-blonde, salt & pepper. Without any golden or red undertones, if so then yes chances are that you might be a Cool Winter.

Final question ; is your skin colour Rose beige, neutral beige, soft-cool olive or black skin then bingo you’re a cool winter.

To complement your skin colour (instead of hair colour) try to pick from pale pastels and the brightest colours like bright red and purple. White and black is considered safe colours for you.


Clear Winter



Examples of someone that’s considered a Clear Winter would be the lovely Vanessa Williams.

If your eye colour is Bright blue, violet, emerald green then you may be a Clear Winter.

The most common (natural) hair colours for Clear Winter seems to be; Black, black-brown, medium brown, or dark brown. May have some faint warm highlights. Continue reading to find out more.

As for the skin colour it is either; Black, deep brown, light/neutral beige, pale olive, milky white.

Colours that complements a Clear Winter are clear and bright colours. Black and Bright blue would safe colours for you.

Deep Winter



Still haven’t found that you’re not fitting the  description of Cool and Clear Winter? Relax if you know you’re a Winter you’re probably a Deep Winter. Like actress Lucy Liu, Jada Pinkett Smith or Kim Kardashian.

The eye colour for Deep Winters range from Black, black-brown, dark hazel, and sometimes even medium brown. (If that’s the case you’re borderline between Deep Winter and Deeep Autumn.)

The hair colour would be Black, black-brown, medium brown, steel gray, salt & pepper. Maybe there’s no secret that most Women of Colour might fall into the Deep Winter definition – if they’re a Winter Season.

As for the skin colour it’s Black, black-brown or olive. But sometimes it can have a warm undertone. (Then you’re borderline to a Deep Autumn. Good for you!)

Best colours seems to be Bright Cold colours and Black, Grey and brown seems to be safe colours to wear.




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