Colour Analysis III Autumns

Soft Autumn



If you’re a gorgeous mixed race women of colour like Nicole Ritchie then you could fall into the Autumn Season.

Starting with eye colour is it Light brown, soft hazel, blue, mixed blue, gray-green (mixed green)  ?

Is your (natural) hair colour Golden blonde to medium brown, soft auburn, eg. strawberry blonde, mousy look. With blonde or red highlights? (Could also be more on the ashy side if so, then you’re borderline to Soft Summer.)

As for your skin colour is it  Ivory, neutral beige, olive and also brown?

Then you probably are a Soft Autumn. (Personally though I find that I’m more pale olive during the winter and more darkolive during the summer. So what’s important then is too look at eye and hair colour instead of skin colour. ) If your hair is dyed focus on eye colour alone.

Best colours seems to be warm, soft colours. Safe colour would be most shades of green.

Warm Autumn


source left (Beyonce)

Maybe you resemble Beyonce?

Then you could be a Warm Autumn too. Especially if you’re eyes is  Medium brown or lighter, olive green, dark hazel.

As for (natural) hair colour it would have to be Medium golden brown, medium chestnut, rich and warm red, auburn, deep golden brown.

The skin colour is most likely Bronze, golden beige, ivory, warm beige. (Sometimes a Warm Autumn could be prone to freckles. A Warm Autumn might be borderline to Warm Spring.)

Most flattering colours for someone that has Warm Autumn colours would be warm , deep colours. Safe colours seems to be greenish and yellowish colours.

Deep Autumn

800px-Vanessa_Minnillo_2009 ladda ned (11) Eva_Mendès_66ème_Festival_de_Venise_(Mostra).jpg Kristin_Kreuk_by_Gage_Skidmore.jpg

source first(Vanessa Lachey) , source second(Jessica Alba) source third (Eva Mendes) source fourth (Kristin Kreuk).

Looking like any of these lovely ladies ? Then you could be a Deep Autumn too.

Remember what I said about eye-colour ? If yours is Dark brown, black-brown, dark hazel or dark green chances are you could indeed be a Deep Autumn. (Sometimes people with a really prominent deep blue eye colour are Deep Autumns too.)

Moving on to hair colour is it Black-brown, dark to deep chestnut, medium brown ?

What about skin colour is it Bronze, black, olive, ivory, golden beige? Now that would indicate that you’re a Deep winter. Aklthough you could also be borderline with Deep Winter too, if you are prone to cool undertones.

For Deep Autumn the best colours seems to range in the yellowish colour. Safe colours would be black, yellow, green and orange and some blue.( Remember black is really flattering to a Deep Autumn.)


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