Colour Analysis IIII

(Natural) Light Spring

Kate_Hudson_(8033413872)_(cropped) Taylor_Swift_043_(18117777270).jpg 220px-Ellen_DeGeneres_2011 Blake_Lively_2011_Shankbone

first source (Kate Hudson), second source (Taylor Swift), third source (Ellen DeGeneres) , fourth source (Blake Lively)

I personally don’t know if any women of Colour would be a Spring Colouring unless they dyed their (naturally dark hair lighter). Even so here’s the Colour Analysis for Spring. Starting with Light Spring.

Why would I say that ?

Let’s look at eye colour for Light Spring it’s either  Blue, green, light hazel, light pale brown. Of course you may be a Woman of colour with light hazel or pale brown eyes.

Now here’s where I begin to doubt since Light Spring’s (natural) colour tends to be Light to medium golden blonde, or light to medium golden brown. Occassionally light red hair.  (Unless you actually dyed your naturally darker hair into any of those colours you would only be mistaken for a Light Spring with dyed hair.)

Finally what skin colour does Light Spring have ? It tend to be Ivory with warm pink (peach) undertones. Unless you either stay inside or bleech your skin you would not be mistaken for a Light Spring at all.

Best colours for Light Spring is light and warm colours. Safe colours would be warm yellow, warm green and warm red.


Clear Spring

Alexis_Bledel_2008 Cannes_2015_22

left source Alexis Bledel, source Adrianna Lima

I said women of colour couldn’t naturally be Springs. I think I need to define that-they can’t be Light Springs. But they could probably be both Clear and Warm Spring.


Starting with Clear Spring their eye colours’ tends to be Turquoise blue, green, topaz (brownish).

As for hair colour it can actually range from Medium to dark golden brown, or even black-brown.Sometimes a very bright, golden and deep blonde hair.

Finally the skin colour for Clear Spring tends to be anything from Bronze, deep warm brown to brown-black and all the way to light ivory, light peach and even porcelain.

Most ravishing colours for Clear Spring is actually black and bright yellow. You should opt for colours that gives high contrast and has full saturation. Bare in mind that if you have dark hair and dark eyes you could be mistaken for a Winter.


(Natural)Warm Spring

Amy_Adams_(8000637920) Nicole_K_Face220px-RebaMcEntireApr10 Christina_Hendricks_at_PaleyFest_2014 Sandra_Bullock_(9189702847)

first source(Amy Adams), second  source  (Nicole Kidman) , third source (Reba McEntire) , fourth source (Christina Henricks) fifth source (Sandra Bullock).

Finally down to the last one Warm Spring.

If your eye colour is Topaz, olive green, light hazel or blue then you probably are a Warm Spring.

But unless you dyed you’re naturally darker hair into the shade of either Light golden brown, coppery red, strawberry blonde or deep golden brown you wouldn’t naturally be considered a Warm Spring.

As for your skin colour if it’s Bronze, golden beige, ivory or porcelain then you probably are a Warm Spring. Although it seems that Warm Spring women are prone to get freckles and I’ve yet to meet a Woman of colour that get freckles…

Your skin colour and undertone is warm so you should chose warm, muted and bright colours. Safe colours would be most green and brown colours. Tomato red and deep periwinkle looks stunning on you.







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