Gentle organic bleach

I almost completely ruined my hair when I decided to go from Asian brunette to platina blonde. That’s why I now feel inclined to try organic bleach for my hair. The number one ingredient I found was honey.

  1. The first treatment I will use will be just plain and simple honey (room tempered). I will let it sit for an hour.
  2. Second treatment will be honey and destilled water (since tap water won’t work).
  3. Third treatment will be camomille tea and honey.
  4. Fourth treatment will be cardemom lemon juice and honey.

Hopefully these processes will gradually lighten my hair from a natural 3.0 to hopefully a 5.0 I’m well ware of the fact that there are other methods one could use. Like bakingsoda or asprin. But honey bleaching seems most gentle and organic.


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