Jolex/Jandrew babies & Amowen

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Camilla source, Giacomo source Caterina source

whose the next  lucky couple to fall pregnant on Greys?

  • Jolex
  • Amowen

I don’t think Jolex will be the next parents, because of Alex’s recent molestation of DeLuca not to mention the fact that Jo’s still married. Plus it’s not her real identity. But I would love a Jolex baby. Grey’s are notorious in complicated family relationships.

What if Jo ended up pregnant with DeLuka would that be Jandrew baby or couple? Would a Jandrew baby be the end of Jolex? What if Jolex also had some babies? I still feel strongly for some twins or triplets but please don’t make Andrew the father of one and Alex the father of the other (one or two). No Days of Our Lives storylines thanks.

Remember Japril and their newborn daughter Harriet?

Amelia and Owen was fairly quick to walk down the aisle. Owen has said he wants a big family, Amelia wants additional children but may be somewhat reluctant since she lost her firstborn son.

The actress Catriona Scorsone was first to announce her pregnancy but early reports denied  the pregnancy being written into Greys. Only a few months ago, Camilla Luddington announced she’s expecting her first child. It remains to be seen if her pregnancy will be included on the show or not.

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