Greys specialities

  • Given the fact that Jo tried peds and ortho both which she excelled out – unless Shonda wants another MerDer Jo would choose same speciality as Alex meaning peds.
  • But Callie is gone now and Jo did appear to have a natural talent for ortho.
  • The remaining specialites are plastics, cardio, trauma, neuro and general.
  • With Yang being head of cardio as Pierce is now that doesn’t seem likely.
  • Neuro with Shepherd possibly…
  • Trauma under Hunt or Plastics under Jackson, General with Meredith… not very likely.
    • Trauma ??? Casey Parker
    • Peds ??? Andrew
    • Ortho ???? Isaac Cross
    • Neuro ??? Dahlia Quadri
    • Cardio ??? Levi Schmittt
    • Plastics??? Vikram Roy
    • General ??? Taryn Helm

    It seems to be decided now Wilson will be Bailey’s AT and Karev is Head of Surgery. Who would have thought…

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